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Hernias, which affect about 4% of adults over age 45, occur when fat tissue or part of an organ bulge through an opening or weak area in abdominal cavity muscles. Because surgical correction is often necessary to effectively treat hernias, Stephen Brooks, MD, FACS, RPVI, of Cape Cod Surgical Associates provides minimally invasive and open hernia surgery procedures in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Before suffering from hernia discomfort another day, schedule a surgical evaluation. Click on the online booking tool, or call to speak with a team member directly.

Hernia Surgery Q & A

Do I need hernia surgery?

The type of hernia you have depends on its location. For example, the most common type of hernia is an inguinal hernia, which occurs in your groin and usually affects men. You can also develop a hernia near a surgical incision (incisional hernia), around your belly button (umbilical hernia), or in your upper stomach (hiatal hernia), to name a few. 

Not all hernias cause problems; you may be unaware you have one. However, a hernia can also be serious and worsen over time. You may need hernia surgery if your hernia is:

  • Causing severe shooting pains
  • Leading to organ or tissue infections
  • Blocking or strangling organs or tissues

Before considering hernia surgery though, your doctor might recommend monitoring your symptoms to see if your condition improves. 

What happens during hernia surgery?

Cape Cod Surgical Associates specializes in minimally invasive hernia surgery, in addition to open hernia surgery. Your surgeon counsels you about your specific procedure ahead of time.

Laparoscopic hernia surgery

For this minimally invasive hernia repair, your surgeon makes several small incisions. They insert the laparoscope — a thin instrument with a video camera at the end — into one incision, followed by surgical tools in surrounding openings.

Your surgeon watches real-time images on a monitor and uses the surgical tools to correct the hernia. They usually place a mesh material inside your abdominal wall to provide support and strengthen muscles, which helps keep organs and tissues in place. 

Open hernia surgery 

You may need an open hernia surgery if you have anatomical concerns or a more advanced type of hernia. With this method, your surgeon creates a long incision and pushes the bulge into place.

Your surgeon repairs the weak spot in your muscles and places a mesh patch to provide additional support. Because the mesh minimizes tension on weak structures, your risk of hernia recurrence decreases. 

How long does it take to recover from hernia surgery?

Both minimally invasive and open hernia surgeries from Cape Cod Surgical Associates are generally performed on an outpatient basis. An overnight hospital stay might be necessary if you have underlying health concerns or surgical complications.

Within about three weeks, you can return to most light activities, as long as they don’t cause you pain. Your surgeon is likely going to recommend waiting for at least six weeks to return to all of your normal activities and full exercise routine.

Cape Cod Surgical Associates provides expert hernia surgeries using state-of-the-art tools and equipment. You can book your hernia surgery evaluation online, or you can call to schedule by phone.