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VenaSeal™ is an industry-leading vein closure system that effectively treats symptomatic venous reflux disease in your legs — a common cause of varicose veins — without surgery. To find out if VenaSeal is right for you, book an evaluation with Stephen Brooks, MD, FACS, RPVI, at Cape Cod Surgical Associates in Hyannis, Massachusetts. This in-office procedure takes just minutes and results in a dramatic improvement in problem veins. Book your VenaSeal evaluation through the website or by calling the clinic directly.

VenaSeal Q & A

How does VenaSeal work?

VenaSeal is a patented treatment that involves sealing veins that become diseased because of blood pooling or leaking backward (venous reflux disease). In healthy veins, you have valves that help push your blood back toward your heart. In some cases though, especially if you’re overweight, generally sedentary, or have a family history of vein problems, valves weaken and vein damage occurs.

The revolutionary VenaSeal system involves injecting a surgical-grade adhesive directly into diseased veins. This glue-like solution creates a seal, forcing blood to start rerouting to healthier veins.

Because the vein treated with VenaSeal can no longer support blood flow, it hardens and becomes scar tissue (sclerosis). Your body renders this vein useless and starts breaking it down and absorbing it naturally. Over time, any bulging, twisted, discolored veins start to fade.  

What are the benefits of VenaSeal?

Cape Cod Surgical Associates provides VenaSeal treatments for many types of problem veins, particularly varicose veins. The surgeons generally prefer treating patients with this minimally invasive solution because it:

  • Results in a shorter recovery period (compared to other vein treatments)
  • Can be performed right in the office 
  • Leads to minimal bruising 
  • Causes little discomfort 

In many cases, you can even return to most of your regular activities the following day. Plus, you likely won’t need to wear uncomfortable compression stockings after your VenaSeal treatment. 

How does a doctor perform a VenaSeal treatment?

The highly skilled providers at Cape Cod Surgical Associates guide you through every step of your VenaSeal treatment, so you know just what to expect. During your VenaSeal procedure, your surgeon fills a syringe with the VenaSeal medical adhesive.

This syringe goes into the system’s unique dispensing gun that’s attached to a catheter. Using ultrasound guidance, your surgeon inserts the small catheter into specific areas throughout your targeted vein. They pull the trigger when the catheter is in place to deliver the VenaSeal adhesive.

After your VenaSeal treatment is complete, your surgeon places a bandage on the injection sites. They counsel you about how to care for your wounds as you heal over the following days.

To find out if VenaSeal treatments are right for you, book an exam at Cape Cod Surgical Associates. Click on the online scheduler, or call to book an appointment by phone today.